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Apple Store Hong Kong

Hong Kong

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Apple香港官方網頁,售賣產品包括iPad, iPod, Macbook, Macbook Pro, iMac, Apple 軟件及配件等,直接訂購優惠更多。

Purchase Conditions

Please read important conditions below before making your purchase with Apple Store

購買全新Mac Pro 並不可獲獎勵。由2014年1月10日起,購買iPad Air可獲獎勵。由2013年11月23日起,購買iPad mini配備retina顯示器可獲獎勵。由2013年11月4日起,購買iPhone 5s可獲獎勵。由2013年9月23日起,購買iPhone 5c可獲獎勵。由2013年2月15日起,除禮品包裝、運輸費稅額、禮金卡,以及購買預購期間或最新推出之產品外,購買所有Apple產品,包括iPhone 及 iPad均可賺取獎勵,惟每張iPhone訂單的數量上限為2個,其他產品的上限則為5個。



2013年2月14日或之前購買的iPhone 並不能賺取獎勵。

由2012年9月13日至10月1日,預購iPod期間並不可賺取獎勵。由2011年12月1日起,購買iPad (第一代)或iPad2可賺取獎勵,但所得獎勵會較少。由2012年5月9日起,於每次交易中購買5部或以下之iPad (第一代) 或iPad2,方可賺取獎勵。另外,購買全新iPad(第三代),iPad mini及iPad 配備Retina顯示器並不可賺取獎勵。



Reward is not applicable for order of new Mac Pro. Effective 10 Jan 2014, rewards are applicable for orders of iPad Air. Effective 23 November 2013, rewards are applicable for orders of iPad mini with retina. Effective 4 November 2013, rewards are applicable for orders of iPhone 5s. Effective 23 September 2013, rewards are applicable for orders of iPhone 5c. With effect from 15 February 2013, except for gift wrapping, shipping fees, tax, gift cards, and orders during pre-order period / newly launched products, all Apple products including iPhone and iPad are eligible to earn rewards with an order limit of 2 units per order for purchase of iPhone and 5 units per order for the rest of products.

Valid Apple orders will be shown in the transaction history within 10 days after the products are shipped. Purchase date shown in transaction history is the shipment date instead of order date.You may submit a missing claim for our follow-up if you do not receive an acknowledgement email or your purchase record is not shown in your transaction history within 10 days from the date of shipment.

Apple reserves the final right to refuse rewards should they suspect a transaction being trader’s activity. This applies to all products sold on Apple online store.

Rewards cannot be earned on purchases of iPhones on or before 14 February 2013.

Effective 13 September to 1 October 2012, members will not earn rewards during the pre-order period of iPod. Effective 1 December 2011, members will earn rewards at a reduced rate on the purchase of any iPad (first generation) or iPad2. From 9 May 2012 onwards, only iPad (first generation) and iPad2 orders consisting of five units or less will be eligible to earn rewards. No rewards will be given for orders of the new iPad (third generation), iPad mini and iPad with Retina display.

For transactions involving two or more items, rewards for each item may be approved and credited at different times. Please also note that cancelling one item in an Apple Store order may result in the reward entitlement for all items being cancelled. We would therefore recommend a limit of one item per transaction.

Purchases from Apple Store can normally take up to 180 days to be approved.

* Exact Miles calculation will be made when payment is received from retailer (dependent on currency exchange rates)

Descriptions are provided in the local language where the merchant is located and the merchant web site may only be available in the same local language.

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