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SkyMiles Shopping Asia

How It Works

Here's how to use SkyMiles Shopping Asia so you can earn miles while shopping online with hundreds of online stores.

1. To earn miles from SkyMiles®, you need to be a SkyMiles Member.
Anyone can browse SkyMiles Shopping Asia but you must be a SkyMiles Member to purchase and earn miles. Rack up your miles and you will soon enjoy spending your miles on a massive range of rewards including air tickets, hotel stays and much more! If you're not already a Member, you can join free online.
2. Make sure you sign up and login to SkyMiles Shopping Asia everytime before making a purchase.
  • You will need to first sign up to SkyMiles
  • You can then login at SkyMiles Shopping Asia
  • Use your SkyMiles number and password to login.
3. Make sure cookies are enabled on your computer.
When making a purchase you'll click a link that says 'Login to start shopping', Once logged in 'cookies' will then track your path from SkyMiles Shopping Asia to the Merchant's site and more importantly will enable us to allocate any miles you earn - as you can see, it's really, really important cookies are enabled so that we can credit your Account with any miles you earn. For more info on cookies, check out the FAQ's.
4. How the shopping experience works.
  • Once you've browsed SkyMiles Shopping Asia and found a Merchant, click “Login to start shopping”. Once logged in this will take you through to the Merchant's website. (Remember you must be logged into your SkyMiles Account so that we can allocate your miles).
  • When you enter the Merchant's online store, their Terms & Conditions will apply.
  • When you buy something, the transaction will appear in your SkyMiles Shopping Asia Transaction History as “Pending” within 5 working days.
  • We'll then confirm the transaction with the Merchant before updating the transaction status to 'Approved' and adding miles to your SkyMiles Account. This can take up to 120 days (and is subject to the Merchant's Terms & Conditions). Some merchants and purchases can on occasion take longer but we will always try to get merchants to approve as quickly as possible.
  • From there, miles will be shown on your mileage balance within 2-4 weeks, and will be available for spending.
  • More questions? Check out our FAQ's.
5. Always click through from SkyMiles Shopping Asia.
You MUST always sign in and click through to the Merchant's site via SkyMiles Shopping Asia each time you wish to make an online purchase and earn miles. This path allows us to track you via cookies, validate your purchase and add miles to your Account. Want to know more? See our FAQ's.
How many miles can you earn.
This will vary depending on which Merchant you buy with. Each Merchant's miles earn rate is clearly marked on the SkyMiles Shopping Asia website.
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